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In this section, we will deal with the two design elements usually more subject to the customer's consideration: typography and colors. In order to do this, we will talk about three matters related to typography and two matters related to colors. They will be shown in that order.

  • Typography verbal message: it is the message conveyed through words written with a certain font type. That is to say, the denotative message, the one having the same meaning for everybody. This matter is only listed to contrast with the following.
  • Non-verbal typography message: it is the message conveyed parallel to the verbal one. That is to say, it is a connotative message, a message having a relative meaning accompanying a more clear and accurate message. The way this message is conveyed is the font type used to write the text. That is to say, it is a message present on the typography itself and not on words shown with it. For instance, if you write a threatening letter using a funny typography, the recipient will think it is a joke, although you may tell him you are going to kill him. This is so because there is meaning on the font type chosen and if you are not careful enough so as to make it match with your site text, the result will be unpleasant.

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  • Font type: there are two types of typographies, serif and sans serif. Serif typography is the one using serif on its fonts, sticks cutting the fonts, acting as their support. Sans serif typography lacks serifs because it is more modern and the serifs were there due to a difficulty on the font finish for matrixes that was solved by technological advancement. Serif typography is used for long texts because it is proved that serifs help following the reading and prevent the reader from being distracted. However, this is only valid for graphic media since sans serif typography is always used on the internet for long texts. This is so because the monitor does not have enough resolution for the serifs to be clearly seen; so, there is mist or fog over the texts with serifs, making it hard to read them.
  • Color semantics: colors, as any other design element, conveys meaning; this mast be taken into account when choosing the shades for your Web site or corporate Logo. Your choice cannot be based on your personal preferences: choosing your favorite color can be a serious mistake. Not only because the meaning entailed in that color may be negative but also because it may be too far away from the business area color. The business area color is the color or shades of colors used by a business area to identify itself and must be respected if you do not want to be excluded from the group; it is a standard.
  • RGB and CMYK colors: monitors reproduce colors belonging to the RGB palette and printers use the ones belonging to the CMYK palette. The first one is much wider that the second one and that is why the colors you may see on the monitor are not the same you see on paper. But you do not need to worry since this is inevitable, even big corporations suffer from it.

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Web fonts
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