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This site is devoted to inform users in general and businessmen in particular about the best way to deal with your design projects. Contrary to what design pages usually are, you will not find in this site design techniques, advice on how to design a logo or website, etc, since here we will provide advice, comments, information, etc. about the design project approached by the customer, not by the designer. That is to say, this is a Web site for the design service customer, not for the designer. When finished reading our sections, you will be in a great position to hire a designer or several designers and carry out the best design campaign.

You may be thinking that what is important for your designs, the graphic objects representing your company, is that they have a great designer. This is not true: a great designer will do very good or very bad things, as any other designer. What does it depend on? Well, let's say it once and for all, it depends on you. If you do not take responsibility and take control of the design project, it will not work out fine. The reason for this is that design is not as any other service: it is not the same as your phone: you pay for it without getting involved in it. Design requires you active participation, guiding the designer, working closely together with him, without hindering its work. In fact, this site tries to train you for the challenge of creating great designs magnificently introducing your company, gaining prestige and increasing its earnings. Because this is what it is all about: good introduction generates earnings. And that is not an unnecessary statement, since many businessmen approach their corporate design project trying to have nice things: error. Design is an investment, where of course aesthetics, personal preferences and creativity are involved; however, they are involved so as to build a corporate identity placing the company on the market and generating more and more benefits for it.

This site is a practical guide for the businessman. Knowing these matters will help you improve your choices by knowing in advance how to make them. Thus, you will not only get a much better result but also avoid wasting time on deciding on it when having the designer already hired. Thus, you will save not only time but also money.

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We have divided the content of this site into different thematic sections. We recommend that you read them in the order they are shown, since they are ordered in the way we consider the best one to fully understand the concepts explained. However, we have also considered the possibility that readers can choose to read the sections separately and that is why each of them is written so as to allow for independent reading.

The content of the sections is divided in the following way. The section called Logo design shows all the things related to the importance of this essential item for a company, specially dealing with its three morphologic types, showing its advantages and disadvantages. Web design is a section dealing with the concept it is named for and the features and functions of a Web page. Corporate identity deals with all the implications from the different designs within this homogeneous set representing your company and giving it a good or bad image before public's eyes. In Typography and colors, we will deal with some semi-technical issues that would be good for you to know so as to make the appropriate decisions. Finally, Relationship with the designer, the most important section of this site, the one that does not explain anything, the one explaining well-known matters, the one telling trivial things, the essential one.

This site intends to answer as many current and future questions as possible. However, there is nothing that can replace what you can learn from your designer. A creative, skilful and humble designer cannot be replaced by anything. So, our aim is just to give both of you a hand, making a bit easier the future project you will approach as a team.

We welcome you to this customer-oriented thorough design site. It is a pleasure having you among us and an honour being able to help you. We wish that you can get the most of reading this site. We invite you to go over this design site: we thought it for you.

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